Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Editor [2014]

The Editor [2014]

Every bit as brilliant as other recent homage/satirical gems such as Black Dynamite, Mirageman, and Norwegian Ninja, The Editor is a treat for any fan of 70's-80's Italian giallos and zombie splatter flicks, who can take a healthy side salad of hilarity with their main course of exploitation.

Rey Ciso, the Editor and "perhaps the greatest editor the world had ever seen", loses his fingers editing the "world's longest film" and suffers a nervous breakdown.  Once healthy he returns to editing, but finds himself working on trash horror with bottom of the barrel actors.  

"If this is living, I want no part in it."

While working on his latest job, blood (and black lace) starts flowing and actors begin dropping like (four) flies (on grey velvet).  Rey continues to edit the film in his (your vice is a) locked room (and only I have the key) and he stands atop of the Inspector's case (of the bloody iris) suspect list. 

"I'm an inspector, I have to wear the same clothes every day."
"Hysterical blindness...a woman's eyes were not meant to see such things."
 Gallons of gore, nudity galore, and a hundred quotable lines make The Editor an absolute blast.   There's chainsaw hackings, kitchen knife stabbings, church wizards and spilt gizards, leather gloves and severed guts.

"I don't want to hear your wizard speak!"
"A man slapping a man, imagine that."

But also, technically, it's an extremely accomplished production.  Well seasoned horror fans will appreciate the nods to Cronenberg, Fulci, and Argento, and gialli fans will be taken aback by the brilliant crimson reds, stark teals, and cold blues draping every scene.


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