Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Haunting In Connecticut [2009]

I'll be honest...I usually try and keep good distance away from big-budget US productions but it's been too long since I've kept up with my reviews...and watching modern horrors in general (don't get married, move into your first house, and take up a costly and time demanding hobby like woodworking all in 6 months and expect to have time for much else). So I thought I'd toss in a easy one to get my writing brain functioning again.

The Haunting In Connecticut is nothing more than an Americanized version of classic Japanese ghost horrors. Heavy stringed score, check. Jump scares, check. Devoid of gore and violence, check. Creepy black haired ghost, chhhhh....errr...damn American horror fimmakers can't do anything right.

Keeping in line with it's Japanese predecessors the performances are good to great (minus the lackluster Martin Donovan as Peter Campbell, who's drunken tirade against any and all light bulbs was deplorably laughable). Rounding out it's pluses were the excellent house setting and capable cinematography. But seriously...(yawn)

Not completely terrible but almost unavoidably forgettable, it isn't really worth any more time. So go rent some good J-horror to make you dread your next trip to the nearest "little Asia" or local chicken ball delivery man.


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