Saturday, December 13, 2008

13 Tzameti [2005]

"In the vien of Clerks, Following and Man Bites Dog...13 Tzameti is no less than black and white gold."

Synopsis: Sebastien, a young man looking for an alternative payment method after his employer overdoses and dies, steals an envelope with mysterious instructions from the man after he overhears it's possibility to lead to great fortune. Sebastien is led into a dark and heartless world of immorality and death.

Review: 13 Tzameti is yet another example of what's missing in cine-America: originality, independance, and stylistic moulding. It's base is solidly film-noir, only without the attractive and devious femme fatale, it's structure is slow and painful, and it's execution is armchair-gripping, uncomfortable and marvellous to watch.


Monday, December 8, 2008

The Strangers [2008]

"...livin' it up when I'm goin' doooooooooown"

Synopsis: Liv Tyler and **unimportant co-star** have a oscar nodded rocky-road-relationship with little-discussion argument interrupted by a few kids, grounded from their ipods and PS3's, with knife-murdering on their minds!

Review: An actual surprise! Now...not so much a hoof to the balls whilst-asleep surprise, more so a hot wife cheats on a rich husband with a pre-nupt kind of surprise...say wha!?!? Strangers is tightly-contructed, easily-sat-through and straight-as-an-arrow. Jump scares...check. Short runtime...check. Non-ditz hottie...check. Killers in masks...check. Ok ur girl's date movie night!