Monday, October 12, 2009

Feast [2005]

Ever have a dvd just sitting on your shelf, unpackaged, but otherwise completely brand new?  That was Feast for me.  I had heard it was fantastic, a high energy action packed sci-fi comedy horror that spun off from Project Greenlight's third season.  But that didn't stop me from ignoring it.  What I found out today was that I need to stop sleepin' on these passed overs...Feast is killer.

We open in a hillbilly hubbed tavern in a remote part of the desert.  We meet our soon to be victims with screen shot info of each like some sort of video game.  Right after we'e met everyone, our "hero" storms through the front door with a shot gun and severed alien head, "Unless you people want to die you'll do what I say and you'll do it fast!".

From then on Feast doesn't let up.  The pace is fierce, the kills are nasty, the blood flows and the scares are endless.  There's no backstory, no explanation, no cgi, and no fuckin' around.  Think Evil Dead suspense and gore, with Starship Troopers characters, set in The Mist.  When all is said and done, you'll wonder how the hour and a half flew by so fast and when's the fuckin' sequel out...but good news - there's 2 already out.

Dribs and drabs...there's doggie style alien sex, green slime barf, baby alien spunk in a chick's mouth, a double-fisted crainium crush, maggot eyes, utter hilarity and Henry Rollins in pink sweatpants.  Fuckin' priceless.


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Carl (ILHM) said...

Glad you popped this one in, I absolutely LOVED Feast, but that made me all the more disappointed in the sequels. Do yourself a favor and watch 2 and 3 then get back to me, I rated them both #1 on my top ten list of most disappointing sequels ever made due to the potential exhibited here in the original