Sunday, September 6, 2009

May [2002]

May is unique...uncomfortable and awkward.  Without boundaries it fuses into so many genres it transcends to that dismal gray area where only flukes or masterpieces lie.  May is that dark poetry you keep to yourself.

May (Angela Bettis) is an outcast - forgotten and looked over in the realm of normal - finding only friendship from a doll, enclosed in a wooden case.  She spends her time alone, or admiring those from afar - until she sees their ugliness.  After meeting Adam (Jeremy Sisto), her lifeline search for companionship and love seem to have been found.  

hen the relationship is heartbreakingly ended May realizes that maybe there aren't any good people, but only good pieces of people..."so many pretty parts, no pretty wholes".

I love this little gem - like Polly (Anna Faris) loves her pussy... - reminiscent to the creepiness, complexity, and oppressiveness of Buffalo 66.  Lucky McKee is masterful - both behind the camera and scripting it's story.  Angela Bettis is incredible - seductive and fragile.  The culmination of tragedy within May is difficult to be aware of, right up until you're amidst it...but when it arrives, it an emotionless landslide of hate, destruction and beauty.


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