Sunday, January 11, 2009

Midnight Movie [2008]

"Master of Horror-esque quality, just missing a master..."

Synopsis: A mash up of highschoolers, bikers, theatre employees, a cop and a Dr. take in a 1960's cult horror film written, directed and starring a psycho who can transport himself in and out of the movie through the simple power of fear...ooooooooooooo!

A pretty good idea...but faulters at it's first steps in a new direction. Bad acting can be forgotten with the slightest dose of scares and a deplorable story can survive amidst some great kills...Midnight Movie doesn't offer either latters. How can one be fearful of a 5ft 9in 160lb killer weilding a Christmas tree corkscrew or be entertained by his yawn-enducing hole-punching slaughters!?!?! I think I'm about a dozen MTV-years over the speed limit on this road to ruin.


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