Monday, June 30, 2008

Inside [2007] (aka À l'intérieur)

Synopsis: A recently widowed pregnant woman spends one last night before she will be admitted to the hospital for a scheduled induced labour when she is terrorized by crazed woman.

Review: I don't even know where I should start ranting and raving about this (yet another) French horror masterpiece. This movie just blew me away; as High Tension did a couple of years ago. Visceral, unrelenting, primitive, beautiful, ultra-violent and gory as hell. First timers Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury seemed like season pros as they built both story and character in a method that's minimal, instinctive and primitive (similar to what the Canadian cult hit Cube [1997] had done). The darkly shot photography is rich, chilling and cold. Beatrice Dalle, the gap-toothed goddess, is nothing short of brilliant and horrifying as "la femme". Her protagonist adversary "Sarah", played by Alysson Paradis, is admirable and compelling. Inside is truly one of the most spine-tingling, stomach turning and sadistically gratifying horrors you will ever see.


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