Friday, August 29, 2008

Rogue [2007]

"Move along...nothing to see here"

Synopsis:  An American travel journalist partakes in an Australian outback river tour to voyeur the crocodile in it's native habitat.  When the trip takes an unplanned detour the boat and it's passengers come face to face with the largest and most fierce man-eating croc the tour has ever seen.

Review:  Greg Mclean's follow-up to the arguably triumphant and successful debut, Wolf Creek, has more misses than hits and can easily be described has a significant and utter failure.  The first third is a wasted effort of scenic landscape shots, character development, and storyline buildups; none of which have bearingin later thirds.  The viewer is told that the crocs can hunt intelligently, propel their entire bodies straight out of the water using their powerful tails, and will rip you to shreds if unable to swallow you whole...none of which happened.  The dark and murky night scenes was shot beautifully but used little to no underwater shots, a successful trademark in any water creature features.  I can only assume that Mclean was trying to demonstrate he had real filmmaking skills, the postcard shots and the strange u-turn character driven finale, but both will be lost in translation.


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hanum said...

a little bit scary movie ;)