Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cold Prey [2006] aka Fritt Vilt

"...fuck if I know why this one isn't a strip of ass-jam."

Synopsis: Yep, another group of 20-somethings once again venture into the great outdoors for some carefree fun and merriment, until a deranged psycho, with a dispensable backstory, aims to spoil the mood by offing them indivually using a signature weapon with high fright appeal!

Review: Cold Prey succeeds by maintaining a perfectly balanced core and limiting it's attempts to stray from tried and true methodologies. If I not mistaken, Cold Prey's only originality is it's Norwegian origin. It's a slasher without gore or bodycount, it's a thriller without being overly frightening. The strong cast build likeable characters, shot in a cold and claustrophobic setting, and came out well polished and tightly constructed. Would've loved to have seen some Scandanavian nudity, a couple good kills or and at least one envelope pushed.


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