Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Movie [2008]

Scribe another tick on the shaky cam found footage tally...but just don't assume it embodies any of it's qualities with those of it's peers...Home Movie can stand proudly on in it's own, even though it'd look a tad hungry and a bit lonely. Home Movie is the story of the "just moved to the country" Poe Family spanned over a number of weekend holidays, each showcasing the ever culminating evil in the Poe's twin children, Jack and Emily, right up until their pastor father dawns a pink bunny suit and the possibly molested kids get pushed over the edge.

Home Movie is commendable for it's unique stylistic approach to the sub-genre - establishing roots by relying heavily on it's characters, performances (Adrian "flying man!" Pasdar of TV's Heroes gives a superman-like outing), and strong script to create tension, and ultimately, horror. But only if you've bought in.

Unlike most of it's sister celluloids Home Movie was backed by a solid financial foundation, and that, IMHO was it's biggest flaw. Shaky cam's are best viewed if they're actually believable...and actually shaky cam'd! Home Movie was just shot too well. Too well in fact that it wasn't even remotely scary because it just looked too polished and too produced. But maybe it's just me...


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