Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Spit On Your Corpse, I Piss On Your Grave [2001] - Eric Stanze Week

If the title doesn't divide the horror masses - Spit n' Piss's content surely will.  Eric Stanze's follow up to the ultra-controversial indie masterpiece-of-shit Scrapbook (and that's a compliment I swear!) is either the maturation and evolution of a once young and up-and-coming filmmaker - or a promise kept to Emily Haack after being mounted and pissed on for an hour and a half.  Either way, I bought my ticket - now let the road to degradation begin!

Some four-eyed Betty's car breaks down; and while mulling over her inconvenience a guy in a red bandana appears (never good).  The obviously really bad ass dude chases her down and kills her (like I said, never good).  During the investigation really bad dude's gonna-be-bad-sooner-or-later younger brother tries to help cover up the crime but winds up in prison himself.

The now really bad younger brother summons all the badness of his brother's badass red bandana and breaks out of jail with a little revenge on his probably once mulleted mind.  He kidnaps his former girlfriend (Haack) along with 3 others who wronged him at the trailer trial.  And just when you think you know where you're heading - wammo!  Haack turns the tables on him in a surprising plot twist not even a monologue insinuating it was going to happen would lead us to believe!  But let's say you got lucky and saw a red herring amidst a red herring parade coming...Stanze then blindsides us again by conveniently adding past violations of the 3 captured unto Ms. Haack...and payback's a mutha-fuckin' broomstick!  

Stanze formulas Spit n' Piss with similar foundations as Scrapbook.  He utilizes the same successful nuances as his previous effort (exploitative gore, sporadic death metal, irritating synth, a grimy setting) but also tries to correct it's flaws and underachievements with minor tweaks and slight variations (turning the victim to victimizer, adding a deeper story, polishing production, hiring better actors, and going just a tad further in schlock).  But you can't make the same delicious dish with different ingredients and serve it to the same guest with hope of getting the same results.  As the saying goes, you can never get a second chance at a first impression - so Spit n' Piss just comes off as an overthought and lame sequel.

(No...please...don't put, c'mon...PLEASE...ahhhhhh, uuyuck)

But for horror fans seeking the most depraved and sickest shit this side of 2 girls 1 cup - Spit n' Piss is definitely worth a go around - maybe just for the final rape/revenge scene alone.


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