Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finder's Keepers

Some new "must haves" for the collection.

Eden Log (2007), a Cube-esque sci-fi masterpiece.  

Thirst (2009), a somewhat disappointing experience for this Park Chan Wook fan - but none the less, still a great film.

If you're in the mood for blood and drugs, booze and boobs - look no further than Donkey Punch (2008).  Caught this at it's Canadian premiere at the 2008 Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

An under the radar, far from the norm horror from my Northern homeland.

A ridiculously fun documentary on the often forgotten exploitation films from down under.  I guarantee that this film will have you jottin' down titles left, right and center.

Probably the coolest DVD promo item I've ever seen - huge kudos to my favourite DVD label Dark Sky Films.  I can't tell you just how thrilled I was to get my hands on it from up here in Canada.

Tonite - look out for my continuation along the filmography of Eric Stanze with I Spit On Your Corpse, I Piss On Your Grave (2001).


1minutefilmreview said...

Nice selection of films.

Fear Finder said...


Carl (ILHM) said...

Ive been wanting to grab EDEN LOG for a while, but its been getting harsh reviews, will be sure to check it out!