Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rahtree: Flower of the Night [2003] aka Buppha Rahtree

An homage to The Exorcist? "Here you are Bill...a steaming bowl of ass droppings I you."

Synopsis: Yet another young asian woman find herself meeting a tragic death, but this time our victim decides to haunt the living until her vengeance is complete!

CRAAAAAAAAP. Not even worth a review, however, I'm feelin' generous and kind, so consider this ya lucky day...stay away from Rahtree. It's first third is an interesting boy stalks girl, boy fucks girl, boy fucks over girl and girl dies from excessive bleeding from the vag plot...over a dreary score...with effective dark tones and emotions to write home about. Then someone shits the bed and the next hour's nothing more than a few dozen Thai-nese running, screaming and flailing their arms in the air beacause a girl with bad make-up keeps appearing and not killing anyone. Who funds this shit? Maybe dump some of that financing coin into the country's rice industry and the world can stop worrying about the shortage. So said boy returns and we finally get our now-who-fuckin-cares-about revenge and the world is a better place again...but the cliches is it?!?!


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