Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vinyan [2008]

Vinyan is a cold and dirty bitch, yet infectious and captivating.  What could be described as nothing more than a Heart of Darkness ripoff,  Vinyan separates itself from the accusation by offering it's own variant unnerving imagery, disruptive sound editing, and unsettling psyche.

Paul and Jeanne are heart torn parents after their only child was stripped from their lives in the devastating south asian tsunami.  While at a fundraiser for destitute Thainese families, Jeanne notices a child with striking resemblances to her own in a video of a ravaged villaged.  Pushing unlikelihood aside the two follow distrustworthy guides into Burma, where the video was shot and where their prayers will be realized or their nightmares materialized.

Fabrice Du Welz's follow up to Calvaire, Vinyan, does not stray far from the successful formula.  Vinyan is as damp and nasty, as unique and ripped-off, and as intensely laborious and painful to watch as Calvaire, with nods this time around going to Apocalypse Now and Lord of the Flies.  Such deliveries won't fly with all, but for those in acceptance will be treated to an incredible odyssey of emotion and pain, climaxing with horror and awe....and possibly a tribe of kids rubbing mud all over Emmanuelle Béart's naked body (hey...I'm just sayin').

Although Vinyan won't please everybody, I suggest you try it once.  Puff puff pass my friends!


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iain said...

So what would you straight guys' reaction have been if it were Rufus Sewell's naked body being caressed and fondled by the boys at the end?Yeah, you'd be a LOT more bothered, wouldn't you? The finale is kiddie porn. That's all. Unjustifiable, despicable, and inexcusable, and shame on everyone (including the redoubtable Rufus Sewell) involved. They should all be very, very ashamed of their participation. Du Welz has blown his credibility for good.