Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cthulhu [2007]

Virtually no time has passed since Cthulhu ended it's screening on this Saturday afternoon, and I am already feeling the effects of this deeply rooted spin on Lovecraft's legendary tale The Shadow Over Innsmouth.  It sits in my stomach - heavy, hard, and cold.  Not this least bit digested, but I'm nonetheless writing about it now - not even my optimistic nature leads me to believe that any amount of time will allow me to do so.

Jason Cottle plays Russell, an openly gay man forced to return to his small town birthplace to act as executor for the estate of his recently deceased mother, much to the pleasure of his ultra-religious father - Reverand Marsh (brilliantly portrayed by Dennis Kleinsmith).  It isn't long before a former love (Mike - played by Scott Patrick Green) is rekindled and the real truth behind his returning begins revealing itself all around him.

Cthulhu is a (can I say perfect) blend of art-film, homosexual drama, and mythical horror.  Not often are genres co-mingled so harmoniously or  so seemingly effortlessly.  Most attempts lean unevenly or too strongly on one another and the collapse upon itself is inevitable.  And most surprisingly - I can say all of this with having no actual admiration or dislike of the film - it simply happened, and I was witness to it.  It worked, I'm just not sure if it worked for me.

The instances between Cottle and Green were captivating and enchanting - only out-shone by the breathtaking scenery of Oregon.  The short occasions of horror, including the under-earth scenes lit only by the timed flashes of a disposable camera were terrifying and claustrophobic - reminiscent of scenes from [REC], Outpost and The Descent.

Not for everyone, *ahem*  ...more acurately, only for a few - Cthulhu is well a thought-out, a well told, and a wel-come addition to the everexpanding world of modern day horror, even though I really can't say whether I liked it or not.  PS - don't let Tori Spelling's appearance in the film deter you one bit, she's kinda decent in it.  :/


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