Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gutterballs [2008]

Gutterballs...has balls...some bare camel-toe, death by 69, bowling pin rape, and a few cocks thrown in for good measure - which one gets halved, post-mortem...just in case nothing else was surprisingly shocking. My inner depraved demon rejoices.

We begin at a bowling alley pulled straight from 80's slasher heaven, where a team of foul-mouthed popped collar wannabes take on a team of skanks, punks and a tranny. When a third team shows up conveniently during the forced strip search of the tranny - fights ensue, threats are made, and our story is well under way.

The alley owner breaks the fun up and sends everyone home - instructing them to return tomorrow to make up the game. Teams leave - or do they?!?! The lead skank returns to the alley moments later to find her left behind purse...the very same purse the minions of golf shirts are holding captive for when said skank returns! Dun, dun, dun. The next 12 minutes are uncomfortable, painful, and sloooooow - while the team gang rapes our victim...shades of Last House on the Left, House on the Edge of the Park and I Spit on your Grave.

Next day arrives, and the teams are back afterhours for the game - doors are chained shut, exits no where to be found, and a killer is locked-in with them! The next hour of so is just fuckin' fantastic. Everyone we hate, dies (inventively and brutally!), everyone we want to see naked, disrobes, and the laughable twist ending we hoped for, falls right into our chubby filled lap! Need I mention that our killer wheres bowling ball bag over his head?!?! HAHA Awesome.

If you love 80's slashers and can withstand 70's style exploitation, check this mutha OUT.


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