Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pink Eye [2008]

The potential was there...

Synopsis: Dr.'s and staff of a patient filled insane asylum use the crazies for radical medical testing. When their latest experiment goes horribly wrong and turns everyone into vehicles of revaging violence, the most dangerous victim of all escapes and wreaks havoc in a nearby town.

Review: See Pink Eye for the first 5 minutes alone - a young patient of an insane asylum tears into her face and gouges out her eyes with her own hands - oh, the glorious goodness of gore! From there on it's a downward spiral of WTF's and pieced together edited nightmare. Sub-plots are unexplained, motivations are unclear and a dozen or so charaters should have been on the cutting room floor. Which seriously blows goats, Pink Eye was obviously helmed by a capable team...but an important ingredient must've been left out of the recipe....muff from the hair pie?!!? This micro-budget film is grimy and chock full of Savini-esque quality gore. And even our killer (a poor-man's Lecter) is enthralling, a rarity these days, and only outshined by Melissa Bacelar; who's a few scenes short of satisfactory. All in all Pink Eye's flawed but worth a peek.


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