Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dance of the Dead [2008]

"Sure...zombies catapulting out of their graves is cool...buuuuut..."

Synopsis:  Toxic gas from a nearby power plant awaken the dead, who run rampant through a small town on the night of it's high school's prom.

Review:  I have no idea what the fuck online reviewers are smoking...maybe it's the same chemical laden odor of the power plant that gave rise to the zombie in this dung-heap of a film.  8/10? 9/10? 10/10? are you fucking' kidding me?!?!?  Perhaps they're are all just grinning ear-to-ear like a retard from blowing eachother or happy having not to conjur up their own opinions and thoughts.  This is just a shit stain of a movie.  Since when could zombies drive, make out with other zombies, or become hypnotized by emo screamo?  Sure it's original, but it's far from clever or inventive.  There's no point, and no need.  Not to mention rip offs from Evil Dead 2 (severed hand gag) , Night of the Living Dead (attack on car at a cemetery), Return of the Living Dead (Braaaaains) and Day of the Dead (Rhodes getting torn apart by a zombie mob).  And this is coming from a pretty big Gregg Bishop fan (The Other Side kicked so much ass)!  Maybe I need to be a teenager again to find any of the one-liners funny, or be a nerd to find any characters likeable, or be forgetful and lose every horror I've ever seen to find the gore impressive...but I'm not, I'm not, and I can't.


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