Thursday, October 23, 2008

Repo! The Genetic Opera [2008]

"A whole lotta singin'...but I can't understand shit..."

Synopsis:  An industrialized future where a worldwide epidemic of organ failure gives birth to a company that genetically grows replacement organs for sale or finance.  But don't miss a payment, otherwise you'll meet the Repo-Man to repossess it's property.  

Review:  Surely Repo! will become the Rocky Horror Picture Show of the either sulkin'-or-cryin' Emo era (generation xy, if we're still alphabetically naming our posterity); but God I hate fuckin' musicals.  Bill Moseley is irratating, Paris Hilton doesn't die, Paul Sorvino can't fuckin' sing, Alexa Vega plays either Shiloh, Shallow or Shadow (I'm not convinced it's just one), and Anthony Head should keep his acting to TV.  All I wanted was enough time in between rock anthems to decypher what the hell they were saying before they rev up for another number.  Grrr.  It's useless.  Can someone please come and repossess my eyes and ears before I shoot myself.


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