Friday, September 25, 2015

Housebound [2014]

Housebound [2014]

Everyone has heard the quip, "jack of all trades, master of none", but many wouldn't realize it'd be an actual compliment when throwing it at a horror film.  Yes, most of the "masters" are long gone (RIP Wes Craven), but being a jack is pretty solid, and being a jack in all aspects of a horror film is pretty bad ass, let alone it being from a first-time director, writer, editor, actor...err...ok, so he didn't act, but I bet he even prepared the small sandwiches table for the actors. 

Kylie Bicknell is a rebellious hellion living the life of late teen crime, when an ATM robbery goes bad, and she ends up being sentenced to house arrest at Ma and Pa's house, a couple seemingly pulled right out of a J&E Coen's Fargo script, and things aren't all right in the old and creaky abode.

Once home, Kylie settles in and mayhem begins.  Meatloafs eaten, Coronation Street's missed, "Hello Moto" is scary, and somehow a bitch becomes endearing.  Housebound is scary, funny, well written, and a blast from start to finish.  Highly recommended.


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