Friday, September 11, 2015

Triangle [2009]

Triangle [2009]

If you've never seen a time loop flick before, you'll probably be drooling over Triangle.  But for those well versed in this psychological mind fuck gag it's just another ripoff.  Triangle ripped off Timecrimes (2007), which ripped off Salvage (2006), which ripped off Primer (2004), which ripped off Run Lola Run (1998), which ripped off Groundhog Day (1993).  Now if only Groundhog Day ripped off Triangle...miiiiiiiiiind, bloooooooown (pakeww!).  

Now, I'm not saying the time loop gag is overdone, or can't be successful, it every film I mentioned above I'd call a helluva good movie.  Unfortunately, that's all of them except Triangle.  Why?  Triangle is about as scary as Groundhog Day.

Triangle had a card to play, in a hand all too often played, and it folded.  Besides Salvage, none of its time loop predecessors had the horror card up its sleeve, the cinematic Ace of Spades, and that's where Triangle falters.  It's a horror film, where the only actual horror, is the fear of the time loop itself.


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