Friday, September 16, 2016

Alleliua [2014]

Alléliua [2014]

Outside of South Korea and Japan, not many countries can dish out a bat shit crazy woman like the French.  Be it Béadrice Dalle, Marina de Van, Cécille De France or Charlotte Gainsbourg, the French just know how to make sexy violent insane broads.  So successful in fact dudes had to name it, New French Extremity.

Well just north of the birthplace of New French Extremity is this quaint little country called Belgium, and it's home to one of modern horrors most unique auteurs, Fabrice Du Welz, acclaimed director/writer of 2004's Calvaire, 2008's Vinyan, and this review's, 2014's Alléliua, featuring the bat shit crazy woman of the year award winner, Lola Dueñas.

This film is some messed up.

Michel (Laurent Lucas) is an online con-artist and sexual predator.  Gloria (Lola Dueñas) is a morgue attendant with fear of abandonment and obsession/stalking issues.  When the Internet chances them together on some sort of, a blind date turns into a lustful one-night stand and a unique offer, Michel never thought would have been possible, leads to a murderous trek of deceit, embroiled passion, and horrific violence.

Loosely based on the murderous rampage of The Lonely Hearts Killers, and chaptered by individual marks (victims), Alléliua is an engrossing episode of unconditional love and unbridled obsession.
Each playing a part in the relationship's genesis and dissolution.

And it's that relationship that will decide whether you dislike or love this film, as it requires your complete and absolute entrancement.  For me, it was hypnotic.  Du Welz' use of camera angles, set design, soundscore, gritty 16mm, and acute script set the stage for the leads, and they admirably knock it out of the park.

Du Welz favourite, Laurent Lucas is amazing as the womanizing charmer and slimy swindler, but gladly hands over the reins to the magnificent performance of Dueñas.  She is marvelously bonkers.
With each chapter her unhinged jealousy increases until the inevitable finale proving love to be the most beautiful and destructive force on the planet.


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