Friday, August 19, 2016

Bite [2015]

Bite [2015]

 Despite showcasing some of the best body-horror SFX of the 2010's, BITE falls short in almost all other components of an effective and successful modern horror.

"It's been this you or me?"

Sex starved Casey and her two bridesmaids venture down to Costa Rica for a little "let loose-ing" before she gets married by her mother-in-law controlled fiancee.  It isn't long before she gets all SEX AND THE CITY'd up on margaritas and pina colodas, cheats on her investment banker, and gets bit by the mysterious swimming, flying, super dragonfly.  Shortly after arriving home she is as horny as ever, grows a tail, and barfs bubble tea.

"Casey, what happened to you?  And why am I ignoring the obvious these insect orgy apartment decorations?!?!"

Severely hindered by an amateurish script, plasticine actors and zero subtance BITE hobbles along in between incredible special effect pieces which carry the film past mediocrity.  BITE's attempts at dark humor are childish and head shake inducing.  And lead actress, Elma Bergovic, can't save it with her creepy eye contacts and neck twitch method acting.

"Honey, we're expecting...millions."

It worth a looksy for any horror completist, but is an easy pass for anyone looking for the next big thing in horror.  


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