Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dead Snow [2009]

What the fuck is up with Scandanavia these days?  Besides working on a cashless society, creating clean energy, and popping out hot blondes...horror, that's fuckin' what.  And good horror no less!  
 A lot of people are going to think I've gone completely nuts, but I seriously haven't had this much fun with a zombie movie since Shaun of the Dead...let me give you some time to digest that, or to vacate Fear Finder because this kid obviously doesn'tknow shit about shit...except in Dead Snow, a hot ass Norwegian girl might just barge into an outhouse, straddle a lap, strip, and lick a finger right after taking one and not wiping.  
Let me set this one up.  A group of twenty-somethings head up north to a secluded cabin for a weekend of drinking, fucking, horror movie convo, and the all to popular these days...getting killed.  Nope, nothing original here.  Cliches...check.  Plot holes...check.  Loose story...check.  But about the 45 min mark, all will be forgotten my each minute the mayhem just snowballs right into the final epic apex of gore galore!

We've got machine gun ski-doos, crows bludgeoned to death against a tree, skull smashing, arm amputations, head splittings, shitty coffee, ball chomps, grenades, small intestine rappelling, and so many other death scenes that have set the bar so god damn high it's ridiculous.

Dead Snow doesn't try to push for new boundaries, or over complicate things.  It's a zombie more, no less...and doesn't try to be anything else.  And that's the beauty.  So very few recent horrors have got the old formula right...yet somehow Dead Snow recreates the perfect entertaining horror.  If you'd rather see brains than stimulate them - Dead Snow has got what you need...and about a 100 other bloody body parts too.  Highly recommended for any comedy horror lovers.



dragonmanes said...

Awesome awesome awesome.. Cant wait to see this one!! Did you see Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone yet?

Fear Finder said...

hey bro..I haven't...haven't even heard of it...good?

Johnny said...

Have not read one bad review about Dead Snow yet. Dying to check it out.