Monday, October 10, 2016

Borgman [2013]

Borgman [2013]

There isn't much about Borgman that I can explain confidently, but the one thing that is unquestionable is, Borgman will divide audiences  How evenly the sides stack up is what will land it as an inevitable cult classic, or a one-night-stand mind-fuck with no orgasm.

We open with a group of villagers storming a nearby forest to kill a group of ground dwelling hobos.  The search party fails to capture the mysterious vagabonds but they do uproot them from their treeforts and force them back into the bourgeois of modern Denmark.  After a quick shower, costume change and properly formatted résumé, Borgman lands the job of new gardener (after he blow gunned the previous worker with a poisoned dart).

Once situated on the property Borgman and company tear up the lawn, indulge ad hoc surgeries, sink some concrete bucket heads to the bottom of a lake, perform a musical play, and cap the week off by taking the surviving family members camping.

Nay sayers will say it's not violent enough to be disturbing, inventive enough to be groundbreaking, or surreal enough to be thought-provoking while ans will celebrate the oft-underappreciated Scandinavian levity, the unsettling dark malevolent tones, it's prospect of a religious parable, and Stine, yes, god-bless Stine.

Fans of Visitor Q, Funny Games or Dogtooth should surely be partakers of Borgman and those that need crisp and concise narrative should stay clear.


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